[Giveaway] Limited edition Fnatic Pin badges!

Amumu Amumu approves of this Fnatic Pin Badges giveaway Summoner!

Hey there Summoner,

We have received our limited edition Fnatic Pin Badges and we want to share our joy with YOU!
There are only 500 of these pins in the world and we snagged a few of them before they sold out.
This means that we are Giving Away limited Fnatic Pin Badges to lucky summoners for Free.



Look at those sweet pins! Even poro likes them as you see. 🙂
Every league of legends fan should have at least one collectible item  that is league related.
This is Your chance to get one for FREE by simply joining this giveaway

Join the Giveaway here:


Here are a few more pictures of the pins themselves:



They are even numbered so you know your pin is UNIQUE and only for you!
Maybe you wonder how the pin would look like on your shirt?
Wonder no more because here you can preview the pin on a shirt approved by amumu himself.



Okay, so it is not really amumu here but you get the point.. Mummies loves these Fnatic Pin Badges.

So what are you waiting for? Do not regret not joining this giveaway today and who knows you might just be the lucky winner of a brand new Fnatic Pin Badge.

The giveaway ends on the end of November  after which we will announce the winners of the pins!


*We retain the right to change the terms at any time we deem necessary.
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