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Do you feel Brand his anger?

Have you ever experienced that 1 teammate who just wouldn’t listen to anyone even though he is 0/6?

Do you wish that they would listen to you instead of flaming or get flamed by your teammates?

Improve your communication skills

Nobody is going to listen to you if you start flaming. Imagine yourself in their shoes..

You are dying to the opponents in your lane and falling rapidly behind. Mentally you are already on the edge and then some random from your team starts to tell you that you suck (which you already know) and to stop dying.

Would you listen to them? Probably not.

The main thing that would help here is to improve your communication skills. With proper communication it is far easier to prevent your teammate from tilting and thus losing your game.

Now that you know that you have to improve your communication skills.. what do you actually have to do to improve them?

In order to find out you need to define communication skills. For League of Legends this can be divided into writing and reading skills. If you use voice speaking and listening skills as well.

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Writing and reading skills


Don’t tilt like Morgana up here.

When playing games with random teammates whatever is written is the most important. Reading crucial information and pings can help you gain an edge over your enemies.

You might have the ability to adapt to the game but your teammates might not. For example the enemy Leblanc is 3-0 already and you see your Zed decides to get his dirk after ghostblade.

What could you possibly do here?

Of course you could just tell him to stop feeding and then tell him all kind of names like a boosted animal.

If you are the jungler. What you should do instead is to ask him to play it more safe and that you will be ganking his lane soon. Ask him to buy a defensive item like hexdrinker as well to be on the safe side.

This could be the difference between your Zed who keeps fighting Leblanc and dying or him surviving with hexdrinker and getting a comeback when you gank his lane.

Do you understand the power of good communication skills?

Speaking and listening skills

Now imagine you are playing duo with a friend of yours. Chances are high that you would be using a voice communication program like Discord am I right?

When using Discord or another program while playing League of Legends it is important to communicate in turns.

You can’t hear anything if both of you (or more if you play with multiple friends) talk at the same time.

Instead take turns and let the other person finish what they have to say before speaking your thoughts.

This will significantly improve your win rate when applied properly.

Having a shot caller is great as well because it makes it far easier to decide on what to do during team fights or when to initiate a fight at all.


Communicating with your team in a proper and calm leveled way will help you win more game and climb to diamond or higher if that is what you want.

What did you think about this post? Was it helpful or would you rather see more quizzes instead?

Let me know here below and I will try to get back to you!

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